Thursday, June 10, 2010

Measurable benefits of airport CDM

I came across a discussion in LinkedIn about issues you might face when implementing airport collaborative decision making (CDM). One of the issues mentioned was: "Airport stakeholders are not always fully aware of the costs and benefits that CDM brings. These benefits are hard to be proven at airports which operate below their maximum capacity levels."

I am convinced the benefits can be proven, even if airside (apron, taxi, runway, airspace) is not a bottleneck to an airport.

Firstly, it depends on what the objectives of CDM are and whether they are tangible. A target which says that TOBT and EOBT should be more accurate and reliable does not, in my opinion, add value to the operation but to the ANSP. Secondly, you will have operational peaks with capacity issues and which must be managed well, because that is where most value is added (or destroyed). Thirdly, there are metrics available which measure the benefit of less delays and more efficient processes for every stakeholder. How open is the industry and governmental organizations ready to adopt best practice?

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