Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Does aircraft boarding impact on-time performance?

I think that the actual boarding process does not really impact on-time performance. However, the boarding process seems to be fastest if the cabin crew stands in the front rows and helps passengers stowing their hand bags. This is aimed at reducing congestion. At the same time, they can send passengers further down the aisle if their seats are there. This could be done by a team that moves from aircraft to aircraft. Yet, this is a costly alternative.

Experience shows that on-time performance related to the ground process is mostly dependent on
  • On-time boarding start and end.
  • Performance of cleaning process which defines the length of the ground time (critical path).
  • Cooperation of cockpit crew. The captain is eventually responsible for the OTP of his flight.

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  1. I share your opinion in regard to punctuality -in starting and ending the boarding. It's cornerstone to achieve the target off block time objective (TOBT). The airport operator role is a big contributor to the whole process too.