Friday, June 28, 2013

Reduce start-up delays (IR 89)

Delayed flights which take away slots of punctual flights have a snowball effect. The other flights will be delayed with an IR 89 which stands - in such a case - for a start-up delay.

What if the causer would take the full effect which means that delayed flights can only depart when there is a slot available? As soon as delayed flights have their doors closed they would be put on standby for immediate departure in case of a free departure slot.

Despite the resistance by unpunctual carriers and maybe your hub carrier, your potential is significant.

Want to know your potential to reduce (start-up) delays with this approach? Send us your data and we will tell you.


  1. Juergen, who are you addressing this post to?

    The ANSP, the Airport Operator or the collective, aka the Grond Manager?

    Also, besides calculating the benefits (in theory only in my opinion) on which grounds could what entity have the power to strictly enforce such a procedure?

    1. Etienne, usually I am addressing the Airport Operator. In this case whoever is deciding on the departure sequence.

      You can analyse the flight data and check which flights were affected by another delayed flight. Then you can calculate the impact on punctuality (or other performance metrics).

      Such a policy change should be in the hands of an Airport Operator. Punctual flights should have priority.